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Professional Energy Managers, Facility Managers, Architects, ESCOs, and others interested in smarter buildings:

You already know energy data gets obsolete QUICKLY. Monthly utility bills are infrequent and don't give you the comprehensive information required to make smart energy choices.

EnergyChaser is an automated solution for continuous utility (electric, gas, water, etc.) monitoring. We also turn raw meter data into usable reports with data from multiple sources (weather, HDDs, or manually entered values such as occupancy or production data for example) to track your energy saving goals.

We allow you to do what has the biggest payoff for you: Churning out smart and informed energy saving recommendations to your customers. NOT collecting data and generating repetitive reports.

Temporary metering is expensive and inefficient.

  • Rent/purchase/maintain metering hardware
  • Install metering hardware on-site
  • Retrieve metering hardware from site
  • Retrieve raw data from the device
  • Process/verify/clean/aggregate the raw data
  • Generate reports

With EnergyChaser, you will always have comprehensive, and up to date sub-metered data at your finger tips. Periodic reports automatically flow to your email inbox so you can quickly and efficiently ensure that your customers get the savings you projected or enable you to quickly advise how to get the savings train back on track.

The EnergyChaser system monitors the data stream to maintain data continuity with immediate alerts.

We are also experts at generating energy bills for internal or external invoicing of key energy costs.

We don't replace your services; we enhance and grow your services to your customers. All our reports are issued with your logo.

Easy to get started:

After an order is placed, we ship preconfigured hardware with instructions for your professional installer. NO SOFTWARE to purchase or install. Once the hardware is installed and connected to a corporate Internet connection (other options available), data immediately starts flowing to our servers.

The EnergyChaser organization has decades of experience in the energy field. Contact us now at (888) 578-7457 to get a no obligation proposal for your energy project.