How to Buy

You can purchase the EnergyChaser system using two methods. The first is to purchase the EnergyChaser service. The second is to purchase the system outright with a physical hardware installation on your site.

The preferred method to use the EnergyChaser system is by purchasing EnergyChaser as a service. You will have low cost access to a very powerful system while avoiding the initial capital investment. For a low monthly fee, EnergyChaser LLC will take care of all maintenance, backups, and any other issues that arise during operations. You will be frequently updated as features are added to the EnergyChaser system. You will also have access to many common rate structures installed on the system.

Purchasing the EnergyChaser system enables you to utilize the full computational power of the system for your facility. Purchasing the system outright will be beneficial for organizations requiring some combination of the following:

  • Security - the data and reports never leave your facility.
  • Speed - Reports and large amounts of data for custom analysis can be provided faster over your local high-speed computer network.
  • Frequent reporting - Multiple hourly/daily/weekly reporting requirement.
  • Frequent data collection - Frequent data collection raises storage and bandwidth costs on a fully serviced system.
  • Detailed metering - Many low-level metering points require more processing power and storage that raises costs.

For more information on the purchase of the EnergyChaser system, please use the contact page, send an e-mail to, or call us at (888) 578-7457.

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