day-to-day operations

Energy Managers do not want to manage the energy management system; they want to manage energy. Many energy management/monitoring systems today, because of their construction, require that active maintenance operations be performed to maintain system operation. These operations often require computer expertise that the Energy Manager may not have readily available.

The number one feature built into every EnergyChaser system is simplicity of day-to-day operation. The EnergyChaser system is designed such that if the rates or the consumers (energy users) do not change, the Energy Manager will never have to sign on or otherwise adjust the EnergyChaser system ever again after the initial configuration.

The EnergyChaser system e-mails the PDF energy reports and allocation reports directly to the responsible energy consumers/departments/tenants, if desired, on a predetermined schedule. A consolidated summary report also goes to the designated manager/owner for the energy consumers. This happens every reporting period automatically without user intervention. There is no need to consume the Energy Manager's valuable time running periodic recurring and repetitive reports.

In the near future, alerts about system operations, consumption limits being reached, or when peak demand readings are being exceeded, can also be e-mailed to responsible parties to take actions to reduce consumption.

smiling energy manager with laptop