Residential Applications

Does your building have individual utility meters for each unit? If not, you are in a difficult position. When energy prices increase substantially, as they have in some states already, you would have to wait until each lease expires on your rental units before you could raise rent to recover costs. In a competitive rental market, you may not be able to recover your added energy expenditures.

Utilizing EnergyChaser, you would start charging your tenants immediately for any increase in energy costs. Furthermore, to assist you in a competitive rental marketplace, you would be able to advertise lower lease rates for your units because the rent would no longer include energy costs. According to some studies, tenants usually use less energy if they have to pay for what they use. This helps drive energy conservation efforts without inconveniencing unenthusiastic tenants.

Calculating energy bills is not something you want to spend time and resources doing on a month-to-month basis. This is where EnergyChaser saves the day. With EnergyChaser, report delivery can occur in one of several different ways. The manager will always get a PDF (Adobe's popular Portable Document Format) summary report for accounting and collection purposes. The first and easiest method is to deliver the PDF reports directly to the tenantís e-mail inbox. The second method is for the manager to receive the reports in their inbox. They can then print and hand deliver the reports to the tenantís mailbox or door. Each report will have a service charge added to facilitate recovery of the expense of generating the report and other costs associated with the metering system.

For large property owners with many units or many properties, call us to investigate integrating the EnergyChaser system directly into your accounting and rent collection systems to make utilizing the EnergyChaser system even easier.