supported meters

The EnergyChaser system currently supports the following meter families. We are continuously researching the addition of other meters and devices to add to this list.

  • Eaton's PowerXpert/PowerNet family of meters: EnergyChaser can run in parallel with the entire PowerXpert/PowerNet software suite or replace it entirely. You do not lose any features of your existing investment in PowerXpert/PowerNet software and meters. If your only need is data collection and billing/cost allocation, EnergyChaser's solution is a fully managed and lower cost solution to upgrading your Eaton software system.
  • QuadLogic: EnergyChaser is a Quadlogic factory Certified Commisioning and Service Contractor. Quadlogic develops and sells electric submeter & energy monitoring products, systems for tenant billing. Their patented and proven frequency-agile Power Line Communications technology enables remote meter reading using the existing power lines, eliminating the need for wired networks or radio-frequency emissions.
  • Many meters from the Veris, SquareD PowerLogic, E-Mon, and Power Measurement ION line of products. These meters are supported through the AcquiSuite product from Obvius. Also supported by the AcquiSuite product are pulse inputs from non-communicating electrical, water, gas, and steam meters.

The EnergyChaser system has many data protection and data continuity features built directly into the application. Most competitor applications rely on a perfect environments where systems never go offline. This is never true.

electricity meter